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1 Creation

Generate PGP key pairs using your email and a passphrase.

You also can choose from different encryption options.

Comming Soon:

- Export your keys in different file formats;
- Upload your own public keys to HKP servers.

2 Encryption

Encrypt messages with the public PGP key of the receiver.

Comming Soon:

- Store public keys of your contacts;
- Retrieve your contacts easily.

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3 Decryption

Lastly, decrypt messages with your private key and your passphrase.

It is free and secure, and it will stay that way.


You can also visit the Github page where more download options might be available.

Web App

Looking to use PGP encryption for educational purposes or on the fly? Try the online PGP tool!
Please be aware that using an online tool for encryption is less secure than using a desktop app, which can work offline.